Risk Management

When was the last time you completed a risk assessment and developed a plan to deal with the risk identified? To serve your business well, you have a responsibility to correctly anticipate and manage risk that your organization might face as it conducts ongoing operations. One possible process to use for managing risk is as follows:

1. Complete an organizational assessment of possible risk including a list of likely risk your company must manage, mitigate or eliminate.

2. Prioritize the list of potential risk and understand the implications of these risk to your company vision, mission, values and strategy.

3. Create a specific action plan/initiative for each of the risk identified beginning with the most critical first, based on your prioritization.

4. Implement the action plans/initiatives and monitor to ensure that each prioritized action is appropriately managed, mitigated or eliminated.

5. Evaluate the success of your implementation based on predetermined metrics, accomplishment/completion of actions plans and risk management results that successfully move your business forward.

Whether you use this process or another, it is critical that you take steps to deal with the risks that your organization has to manage, mitigate or eliminate for your future success!

JD Sanders Consulting can help your through this critically important process!