Strategic Thinking

Leaders, managers, staff members, employees and others often struggle to understand if they are strategic.  You may be in that group of individuals who often question yourself, "Am I able to think strategically on a regular basis?"  Some of you are well aware of your strategic thinking skills and exercise them very effectively. However, most of you are unsure about these skills.  You are more capable of strategic thinking than you realize!

If you have graduated from college in five years, planned a wedding or enjoyed a planned vacation you have used strategic thinking skills. To help you recognize when you are being strategic or using strategic thinking skills please use the following strategic thinking process.

  • Open Minded Thinking
  • Narrow Minded Thinking
  • Evidence Based Thinking
  • Whole Minded Thinking
  • Value Proposition Thinking
  • Shared Thinking
  • Organize and Finalize Thoughts for Planning

Following this process will improve your discipline in strategic thinking and build your confidence to know that you are strategic!

*If you would like more information about this process please contact JD Sanders