Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Management Coaching

Leadership Development

Professional Services (Business and Management consulting)

Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking

Management, Operations and Infrastructure

Business Analysis and Start-up Assistance

Facilitation, Off-sites and training

Human capital/human resources expertise and Consulting

Strategic HR (Includes: Planning, Thinking and Analysis for Future)

Workforce Planning and Employment

Human Resource Development (Includes Training and Development)

Compensation and Benefits (Includes: Total Rewards Systems)

Employee and Labor Relations (Includes: Policies and Procedures)

Security, Safety and Risk Management (Includes: Security Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Assessment)

Building HR Departments (Includes: Training HR Staff)

What makes us special, different & unique?




Everything we do in Management or Human Resources should be based on some business need that has a positive impact on the bottom line.


We strategically enhance and grow all parts of organizations and individuals to meet their maximum potential.


We foster and promote the successful communication of complex issues and ideas to all levels of an organization.


We are continually striving for a positive ROI for everyone who works with us.


We use evidence based management and accountability systems to move organizations forward.


We speak the language of Business; Strategy, Finance & Operations, rather than HR speak.


We are adept and versatile at managing, consulting and recommending viable solutions for any size organization.


We have international experience which broadens our ability to operate globally.


We maintain our knowledge in current employment laws, best practices and compliance requirements.